Welcome to the MMZ

The Moses Mendelssohn Center for European-Jewish Studies (MMZ), founded in 1992 and named after the philosopher and  Enlightenment proponent Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786), is an interdisciplinary scientific research center conducting fundamental historical, philosophical, religious, literary and social-scientific research. As an affiliated institute of the University of Potsdam, it is significantly involved in its "Jüdische Studien / Jewish Studies" program. The employees, fellows and lecturers of MMZ bring the entire breadth of their research goals and knowledge to the teaching of this course of study.

The research interests of MMZ pertain to the history, religion and culture of the Jews and Judaism in the countries of Europe. Special emphasis is placed on the social history between the Jews and their non-Jewish environment. On the one hand the research focuses on the problems of social integration and acculturation of the Jews (e.g., Haskala research). Comparative socio-historical issues (i.e., living conditions, geographical and social mobility), as well as on socio-cultural and ideological aspects (i.e., literature, art, religion, philosophy and music) are on the other hand also areas of research for MMZ. The center sets a key emphasis in accounting for regional and local history, especially of the new German federal states.