European Jewry: A New Jewish Centre in the Making?

Bearbeitung: Olaf Glöckner

Internationale Konferenz “European Jewry: A New Jewish Centre in the Making?” vom 10.-12. Mai 2009

Gemeinsam mit dem Forschernetzwerk “Klal Yisrael” der Tel Aviv University veranstaltet das MMZ Potsdam vom 10. bis 12. Mai 2009 in Berlin eine internationale Konferenz zum Thema “European Jewry: A New Jewish Centre in the Making?" (Konferenzsprache mit Ausnahme der Eröffnungsveranstaltung: Englisch)

At the beginning of the 21st century Europe is on the way to a coherent entity. The "Old Continent" has become a place of stability, a model for political unification and an important actor in global policy. At the same time, ethnic and religious minorities reconsider their place and role in the European civil society, discovering new chances of participation but also new problems and threats. The Jewish minority in Europe undergoes dramatic changes since the end of the Cold War. The downfall of the Iron Curtain has re-opened chances of a Jewish revival across the Continent but the shadows of the Holocaust and of the Cold War are omnipresent. New Jewish centres in arts and education emerge. Trends of secularization, grass roots movements and new discourses on self-conception occur in parallel. Is this the beginning of a New Jewish Centre in the Making, a "Third Pillar" aside American Jewry and Israel? The planned Conference, unifying scholars from 9 countries, is searching for answers to this complex and multifaceted question. Special emphasis is given to old and new relations between Israel, European Jewry and other places of the Jewish Diaspora. The Conference is organized in cooperation with Klal Yisrael — Tel Aviv University. Except the Opening Lecture on Sunday, May 10th, all sessions are conducted in English.


International Conference “European Jewry: A New Jewish Centre in the Making?"
May 10th - May 12th 2009, Mendelssohn-Remise Berlin

Opening Event:

May 10th 2009, 19.00 Mendelssohn-Remise Berlin (former Banking House of the Mendelssohn family), Jägerstraße 51, 10117 Berlin

Greetings: Charlotte Knobloch, Vice President of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) and President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany; Dr. Thomas Lackmann, Head of the Mendelssohn Forum; Prof. Dr. Eliezer Ben Rafael/
Prof. Dr. Yosef Gorny, Klal Yisrael

19.45 Opening Lecture
Existiert ein europäisches Judentum? Zwischen demographischer Stagnation und „jüdischer Renaissance" (Prof. Dr. Julius H. Schoeps)

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